I have owned the domain, Fake-reflection since May of 2008. The name came about because (if you didn't already know) I'm a huge fan of the band, Avenged Sevenfold. "Fake reflection" appears in the lyrics of Critical Acclaim, the first song from their self-titled fourth album.

Best. Album. Ever.

"Self-righteousness is wearing thin
(lies inside your head, your best friend)
Heart bleeds but not for fellow men
(broken glass, your fake reflection)"

The layout

This very basic but clean layout was made using Photoshop and Notepad. It did start life featuring Sylvanas Windrunner (World of Warcraft) but I ended up going with a simpler version.

Fun fact: She is the one and only reason I'd ever consider cosplay. xD

For the Horde!


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